With many successful projects, and over a decade of experience in electronic and electro optical system design, D-Glas has positioned itself as a leading provider of total solutions for the laser and IR industry offering all measuring and analytic devices as well as complete systems and build to print services. We take your needs and make the final design in order to provide with the best affordable solutions for all markets. By focusing on the customer oriented approach, D-Glas incorporates customer requirements and expectations into each one of its products, and therefore able to provide innovative and reliable systems thanks to its rich experience in electro-optical and laser design, as well as system integration.

The team at D-Glas emphasizes an uncompromising dedication to quality and reliability from product design, through delivery, installation, and after sales support and maintenance activities.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Every step of D-Glas manufacturing processes, from design to delivery, is carefully controlled to assure conformance and compliance with the highest possible quality products. All phases are closely monitored to guarantee greater production flexibility, faster cycle times and quicker problem resolution.

Quality Control & Technology

For all our products, we applyy interferometers, autocollimators and optical comparators to inspect and measure the various critical optical parameters: surface figure, surface quality, dimensions, etc. For coating, Perkin-Elmer lambda 900 UV/VIS/MIR spectrophotometer is used to verify the performance of all our coatings.

For Lens assemblies, we apply environmental testing facilities, including adhesion, temperature, humidity, salt-spray, shock/ vibration, helium leak and water solubility.

David Gonen - CEO

David Gonen - CEO

David Gonen is the CEO of D- Glas Crystals and IR optics Ltd, a derivative of D-Glas management and Holdings LTD - engaged in the development and setting up of laser labs; laser crystals growth stations and Infra-Red systems throughout the world and creating inter-industrial partnerships. Till 2011 David was for 10 years the CEO of a world leading Crystal Company in Israel .David developed a marketing network in Israel and overseas with an emphasis on the USA and Europe. David led research projects and international ventures including projects financed by governments all over the world. Before that David was the Commander of the IDF Optronics Plant managing of a hi-tech factory, ISO certified, of 250 workers - engineers, practical engineers and technicians in the fields of electronics, electricity, electro-optics and physics.
In 1987 David received M.Sc degree in applied physics, from the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem Cum Laude.