Infrared Optical Components

Same as visible optics, IR optical components also fall into two basic groups: Transmissive
and Reflective. D-GLAS provides both of the groups components as detailed below.

Transmission components
Lenses: Spherical and Aspheric surfaces, aperture from 3mm to 700mm.
Windows & Flats: surface accuracy up to λ/20.
Domes: Hemispherical, Conformal domes with high precise concentricity.
Prisms: Angle accuracy to 10 arc seconds.
Filters: Long & Short wavelength pass filters with ±20%λ cut-on or cut-off.

Reflective components
Mirrors: Plano, Spherical, Aspherical mirrors made by Ultra-low Thermal Expansion glass or
metal, like aluminum and alloy copper.

Conventional Fabrication Capabilities:

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The performance of above IR optical components from D-GLAS is also enhanced our high quality IR materials and thin film coating.